Here are some of the things our customers are saying about R & V Works and our products!
Good morning R&V Works-
Rec'd FF2x6gal as scheduled on June 12th. Prepped and fried fish for 35 anglers attending Coastal Conservation Association event in Port O'Connor, Texas.  Wow, what a cooker! This is the "real deal" for a fish cooker.  At 51 years old, this is one of the top ten products I have purchased in my life that exceeds my expectations.  May success reward your business pursuits. 

Mark Mohr
Source Point Solutions, Inc


"Ed, you will love this fryer and I get 9 months out of the grease and I only use cheap Vegetable oil from Sam's Club (Members Mark)!! ... You will also find that Robert and Vicki Myers are the nicest, friendliest "real" people you have ever met!  And you can take that to the bank!!!"

Capt. John L.


"Dear Robert and Vicki,

 We came down to your place this past weekend and looked at the Cajun Fryers. I brought a couple of my buddies with me who like to cook and they were impressed with the fryers. Needless to say, we took a few back to South East Arkansas with us. When I got home with mine, I could not wait to start cooking. I called my sons and told them to come down to the house Saturday evening to eat fish. They brought some of there own fish and we cooked them up. We had fried oysters New Orleans style and crab cakes too. It didn't take long with the FF2-S. As a matter of fact I'll have to make a few adjustments in the way I prepare everything before beginning to cook. The fish cooked quickly at 325 degrees and was done perfectly. I actually wished I had more to cook because I wanted to spend more time at it. Anyway, I am eager to do it again. Clean up was quite easy as well. The next day I drained and filtered the oil back into the original containers and rinsed the dregs out with the valve open and cooker on a tilt. This only took a few minutes of my time and I was quite pleased with the fact that I did not have to do a lot of scrubbing.

 I intend to introduce my very difficult and skeptical brother to the Cajun Fryer, as when converted, he will be a firm believer (and promoter) I'm sure. I intend to be a big promoter of these fine cookers and will be looking to expand on the uses of them as well. I see greater enjoyment in my outdoor cooking, at home and away, due to an improved capability with the Cajun Fryer.

 Thank you and good bye for now,

 John D. Carothers


Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
Sam Polles, Ph. D.
Executive Director

April 5, 2006

R & V Works
Robert & Vicki Myers
304 Fincher Creek Road
Homer, LA 71040

"Dear Robert and Vicki:

We just wanted to take a minute to get a letter to you bragging about the Cajun Fryer.  We noticed your tickler saying "Golden Brown Fish At Home 'Every Time" Just Like Restaurants" and will have to agree with that assessment.  What a great idea you had to help all us 'wannabes' to be able to cook like pros.

Right now the only problem we foresee is getting so good at frying fish that we might have to give up our day jobs to handle the demand for our fish!  But, you know what?  It is such a good feeling to see someone have an idea and turn it into the success you have with the Cajun Fryer.

You have a wonderful product.  We are so pleased with the Cajun Cookers and are equally proud to have the opportunity to help spread the word about your invention.  Our very best wishes for your continued success and the growth of your business."


Sam Polles, Ph. D.                              Al Tuck
Executive Director                            Deputy Director