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Versatile, high performance, low
maintenance gas fryers that are
unsurpassed in quality.

1 basket 2.5 gallon, 2 basket 4-gallon, 2 basket 6-gallon fryers come with a stand and can be separated from the stand to use as a table-top or tailgate model. 3 basket fryer - 8 1/2-gallon fryer isbolted to the stand (not for tabletop use).

Custom sizes are available by special order only.

High quality basket design for easy, safe frying

Baskets have a nickel plated finish and are long lasting rugged construction. Each basket has evenly distributed wire mesh for perfect frying every time.

Plastic coated handles that stay cool to the touch.

Custom sizes available upon request.

User friendly assembly and includes "dip & flip" baskets.

Fast Delivery - Lowest Prices and the Best Quality!




Versatile design allows to slow cook/smoke at 200 degrees or seer/grill with surface temps up to 750 degrees.

Stainless Steel Grill Surface for easy cleaning

Front shelf with utensil holder

Removable side shelves that double as heat tray

3" easy read Thermometer with long stem for more accurate temperature.

Liquid holding pans for moistening food, this also allows cooking with flavor enhancers.

Self-igniting wood chip tray for smoking and enhanced flavor

Made with heavy gauge carbon steel

Two solid rubber wheels and two swivel castor wheels with locks for ease of movement


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Patented sealed pressure/vacuum chamber revolutionizes smoking times

Smoked babyback ribs in 30-45 minutes!

Stainless steel cooking rack

Removable side shelf

Adjustable front hinge to ensure proper seal

Grate pulls out for easy access to food

Patented hydration regulator


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