Replacement Blue Handle Basket
Fits: FF2 Super, FF3, FF4, FF6 Fryers
Price: $20 Each

Replacement Black Handle Basket
Fits: FF1, FF2 Regular and FF2EC Fryers
Price: $18 Each

Replacement Yellow Handle Basket
Fits: Commercial Jimmy Fryer
Price: $32 Each

Modified Blue Handle Basket MB8
Fits: FF3 and FF6 Fryer
Price: $95 Each

Modified Blue Handle Basket MB6
Fits: FF2 & Super FF4 Fryer
Price: $65 each

Modified Black Handle Basket MB4
Fits: FF2 Regular Fryer
Price: $60 each

Replacement Grill Hose Regulator
Fits: Cajun Junior, 20", 30", 40" Grills
Price: $20 Each (Reg Only $10)

Replacement Fryer Hose Regulator
Fits: FF2 Regular, FF2 Super, FF3, FF4, FF6, Commercial Jimmy, FF2EC Fryers
Price: $20 Each

Hose & Regulator Assembly Kit (Red Plate Included)
Price: $26 Each

4 & 6 Gallon Canvas Fryer Cover

Covers top of fryer only from the Shelf up

Fits: FF2R & FF2S
Price: $ 34.00

8 1/2 Gallon Canvas Fryer Cover

Covers top of fryer only from the shelf up

Fits: FF3
Price: $ 45.00

30" & 40'' Canvas Grill Cover Cover
Fits: SCG30 & SCG40
Price: $ 60

Replacement Fryer Thermometer
Fits: FF1, FF2 Regular, FF2 Super,
FF6, Commercial Jimmy, FF2 EC Fryers
Price: $20 Each

Replacement Grill Thermometer
Fits: Cajun Junior, 20", 30", 40" Grills and The Cajun Smoker
Price: $20 Each

Fryer Drain Hose
Fits: All Fryers
Price: $12 Each

Breading Tub
Cajun Fryer Breading Tub
Click here for more info!
Use with any Fryer. Great way to apply meal to your fish.
Price: $19.99 Each

High Temperature (1200°) Spray Paint
Perfect Match for Our Equipment
Price: $9

Replacement 8" Wheels
Fits any wheeled product we make.
Price: $9 each

Funnel Cake Tray and Ring
Fits Custom built to fit larger Fryers
Price: Call for Pricing

6" Square Metal Skimmer
Any Fryer: Great for cleaning out stray fries or cooking free floating fish.
Price: $12 each

Turkey Basket (Click for SPECS)
Fits FF2, Super FF3, FF4, FF6
Price: $40 each